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Did you know that the majority of late model vehicle come equipped from the factory with Ultra High Carbon Rotors?

It’s a fact and the reason for this is that they can provide enhanced durability and improved performance on today’s modern vehicles.

Ultra High Carbon rotors that not only match the original specifications that you original rotors came with, in fact in most cases they exceed that specification.

New Extended CV Axles Designed Specifically for Lifted Vehicles – IN STOCK


New Extended CV Axles Designed Specifically for Lifted Vehicles

PROBLEM: A lifted vehicle dramatically increases the stresses of stock components and often exceeds the original design limitations.

THE SOLUTION: TrakMotive Extended CV Axles are designed with a sliding center bar that provides up to 40mm more travel than an OEM CV shaft. Additionally, the CV joints can achieve a up to a 47°articulation angle compared to a maximum 23°articulation angle on a typical OE CV joint.

Finding the right lubricant for your application is now easy!

  KLONDIKE Lubricants   LUBE-LINK  Makes Finding the Right Oils & Lubricants Easy   Whether you have a single car or a fleet of vehicles and machinery, finding approved oils and lubricants can be frustrating and time-consuming. As you know, not any lubricant or oil will do, and using the wrong one will cause premature wear and equipment damage.   That’s why we have created a mobile-friendly solution for KLONDIKE customers. It’s called LUBE-LINK.         Find the Right Lubricant for Your Application   Our brand new oil and lubricant database allows you to find the right product for the job, quickly and effortlessly. All you need is the make and model of the vehicle, equipment or machinery you own.   Simply input the information, and LUBE-LINK will present you with a variety of results. You can even filter the results by engine size, date of manufacture, and category.       Streamline Your Lubricant Sourcing Experience   Once you find the right KLONDIKE lubricant, you can also: Download the Product Data Sheet (PDS) Download the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) View more information incl. package sizes and part numbers   LUBE-LINK streamlines your lube and oil sourcing experience by giving you all the information you need in one easy-to-search database, eliminating frustration, wasted time, and the risk of using the wrong oil or lubricant.

Sanitizer In-Stock

To assist our friends and customers we now have this in-stock.

1 lt Bottles only

Back to Normal Hours!

Monday – Friday we will be closing at 6:00 PM
Saturdays 8:30 – 12:30


We have decided to make the following changes to our daily operating procedures…

In the store:

  1. A mask must be worn in the store with the new guidelines that are in place. Please abide by these rules.
  2. If you like, you can call your order in ahead of time to reduce unknown store traffic.
    1. Call 306-569-9133 to order your parts and you can pay via credit card over the phone or tap when you pick up parts.
  • We will restrict the number of people in the store to two customers at a time.   If you are the third please wait outside.   While inside keep a 2 meter safe distance from others.

For Deliveries:

  1. Our drivers have been instructed to wear masks when delivering parts as well and will drop off the parts ordered at a designated part area and leave paperwork with the parts.
  2. They are to keep a two meter safe distance from your staff.  ( If you prefer they can leave the parts at the door, knock, and wait for you to collect them or leave them just inside the door.)
  • They will only pickup returns at this point if they are brought to the same designated parts area and required paperwork is with the parts  if the parts are warranty items.

I hope everyone can understand these measures as we are trying our best to keep everyone safe and remain open and able to serve you.

If any one of us end up sick, then we have to shut down.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to Call Scott or Todd at 306-569-9133

Thank You