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R45 Software Release for your TPMS Tool

Adds New 433 MHz Coverage to EZ-sensor™ Line

New 433 MHz EZ-sensor Offers Additional Coverage Across United States, Asia-Pacific and European Platforms

DENVER, Colo. (August 29, 2011) – Schrader®, a pioneer and leading global manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), today announced an addition to the company’s EZ-sensor program, the 433 MHz EZ-sensor. In conjunction with the company’s 315 MHz sensor, Schrader’s array of EZ-sensor technology delivers enhanced options and brings total EZ-sensor coverage to approximately 70 percent of the 65 million TPMS-equipped vehicles in the U.S.

The 433 MHz EZ-sensor enables legacy vehicle coverage as well as further access to domestic, Asia-Pacific and European platforms. To differentiate, the 315 MHz EZ-sensor has a black sensor-housing while the 433 MHz EZ-sensor has a gray sensor-housing.

Updated Features and Benefits (R45 Release):

  1. Increased EZ-sensor Coverage
    • 433 MHz (Chrysler)
    • 433 MHz (Ford)
  2. COMS Coverage for Hi-Line Acura and Honda Vehicles
  3. Lexus COMS – Main and 2nd Set option
  4. Ford Sensor discrimination
  5. Improved Sensor Reading on Early Magnet sensors
  6. Feature Addition – Declares blank EZ-Sensor
  7. Feature Addition – Tool serial number and MMY added to Audit Report

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