Electronic Stability Control

Shocks and struts are critical for vehicles equipped with Electronic Stability Control.

Late model vehicles’ new high-tech, life-saving crash-prevention technolgy depends on good ride control.

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) can save up to 10,000 lives and prevent 238,000 injuries per year (U.S. statistics).
  • Nearly a third of all 2005 light-duty vehciles, half of 2007’s, and almost all 2008’s and later feature Electronic Stability Control (ESC).
  • For ESC to work properly, replacement parts should meet or exceed OE design.
  • The Motorist Assurance Program suggests replacing shocks and struts after 50,000 miles to restore performance.

ESC-equipped vehicles, like all vehicles, require periodic replacement of wearable parts. Choose replacement parts that are designed to restore the vehicle’s originally designed handling and control capabilities. Restoring original handling and control is critical to ESC performance.

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