NEW HD MIxed Fleet Antifreeze


TURBO POWER® Heavy Duty Mixed Fleet Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is based on a proprietary Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT). It has been specifically designed for complete mixed fleet use and can be used in all makes and models of foreign and domestic passenger vehicles, light duty and heavy duty diesel applications. This low silicate, organic additive, ethylene glycol based, extended service product is free of phosphates, borates, nitrites and amines. It will provide extended protection against rust, corrosion and pitting caused by cavitation for all coolant system metals, including aluminum. It also provides protection against wet sleeve liner cavitation and is compatible with the flux found in controlled atmosphere brazed (CAB) radiators. In addition to normal product development testing, this product has been evaluated for chemical and performance compatibility with a wide range of different engine coolant technologies (including Asian, European and North American) using ASTM D1384, D2809 and D4340.

It offers excellent protection against temperature extremes, preventing freeze-up and boil-over when used in accordance with OEM and product manufacturer’s guidelines regarding product dilution. This product does not impart any significant colour change if mixed with another engine coolant. The superior performance and stability of this product’s premium extended life corrosion inhibitors allows them to go on working well beyond the lifetime of traditional products. When TURBO POWER® Heavy Duty Mixed Fleet Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is added as an initial fill and properly maintained in accordance with engine manufacturer’s maintenance recommendation, it will provide up to 250,000 km or 5 years of service life protection in automotive application and up to 960,000 km or 6 years of service life protection in heavy duty diesel use.

Turbo Power® Heavy Duty Mixed Fleet Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant meets the performance requirements of the following engine coolant specifications: ASTM D3306, D4985, D6210-10, D7583, AS. NZ 2108.1:1997 Type A, BS 6580, DDC 93K217, GM 1825M & 1899M, JIS K2234 and is recommended for use in Caterpillar, Chrysler MS7170 & MS9769, Cummins 14603, Ford ESE-M97B44A, WSS-M97B44D, WSS-M97B51-A1, Freightliner 48-22880, GM 6277M, GM Heavy Truck, International Truck & Engine CEMS B-1, Kenworth, MACK, PACCAR / DAF and VW TL 774G.

Turbo Power® Heavy Duty Mixed Fleet Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant offers the following advantages:

  • Complete Mixed fleet use; heavy duty diesel, light truck and automotive
  • Borate, nitrite, amine and phosphate free
  • Fully compatible with IAT, HOAT and OAT coolant technologies
  • Protects coolant system metals such as brass, copper, solder, steel, cast iron and aluminum
  • Protects against wet sleeve liner cavitation

Coolant concentrate must be diluted with water prior to use. Heavy Duty Mixed Fleet Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant should not be used in concentrated form. A 50% dilution is generally recommended for the best balance of protection against freezing, corrosion and summer boil-over. For increased freeze protection in extremely cold areas, a 60% volume concentration can be used. Concentrations of greater than 70% by volume are not recommended. High quality soft, de-ionized or distilled water should always be used to dilute coolant concentrate.

Information in PDF format HERE

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