Schumacher Batteryless Booster Packs – In stock

450 – 800A Ultracapacitor
Batteryless Jump Starters


A jump starter that you don’t have to remember to maintain, keep charged or plugged in every time you use it.

No battery inside
100% maintenance-free
Microprocessor controlled
10,000 cycle/10-year lifespan
Built-in voltmeter
Override Mode to start engine without any battery mounted
Glow Mode for cold start of diesel engine
Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
3 ways to use:
Connect clamps to vehicle battery
Connect to vehicle’s 12V DC port
Connect to a power bank via Micro-USB port (cable not included)

Can even typically harness enough power from a weakened battery to provide a boost or easily from another good batter in less than 2 minutes, about 3.5 minutes from 12 volt socket!


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