We carry a wide rage of products from some of the largest manufacturers in
the industry.

TPMS Sensor Info

Quality Automotive Lubricants

AP Exhaust – Catalytic Converters & Exhaust Products
Autoline  – Carburetors & Distributors – Other Products special order
Bestbuy Oil Products – Packaged by Irving Oil
Bluestreak   – Ignition Parts, Hy-Grade Carburetor Kits, Intermotor Import Parts and Wire Sets
Bosch   – O/2 Sensors, Spark Plugs & Brake Pads
Castrol – Motor Oil & Additives
Champion  – Spark Plugs
Dorman  – Oil Cooler Lines, Manifolds, Regulators, Rad Fans, and many, many more items..
FCS Automotive – Complete Strut Assemblies
Felpro  – Premium Gaskets…
Klondike Oil – Automotive Lubricants
LUK – Clutches
Magnacharge Batteries – Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine and Industrial batteries, as well as Noco Chargers
Continental  – Belts, Pulleys, Tensioners, Hoses (Air, Fuel, Rad, etc.) and Timing Kits…
JET Tools – All sorts of higher end professional tools.
KYB – Shocks, Struts, Strut Boots – Complete Strut Assemblies Available…
Liquimoly – European Specification Motor Oils and Fluids
Hengst Filters – Premium Oil Filters
Moog  – Premium Chassis Parts, offering a step above OE…
Sylvania  – Headlamps and Bulbs…
Timken – Premium Seals & Bearings…
NGK  – Spark Plugs & O2 Sensors.
Nugeon – Brake Calipers
ProMax – Brake pads and Rotomax Rotors
Prestone – Premium Antifreeze, Coolants & Fluids
Royal Purple – High Performance Lubricants
Seafoam Products – Lubricants and Cleaners
SPI – Radiators, Gas Tanks, Fuel Pumps, O2 Sensors and Air Conditioning Parts…
Trakmotive – New Driveshafts and CV Axles
US Motorworks – New Premium Water-pumps with upgraded metal impellers.
Vision-OE  – Premium Quality Re-manufactured Alternators, Starters, Rack & Pinions, Steering Gears and Pumps…
Wagner  – Brake Products (Pads, Shoes, Rotors, Cables, Hoses, Hardware, Wheel
Cylinders, etc.)…

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