We have decided to make the following changes to our daily operating procedures…

In the store:

  1. We would like orders to be called in ahead of time to reduce unknown store traffic.
    1. Call 306-569-9133 to order your parts and you can pay via credit card over the phone or tap when you pick up parts.
    1. If you have not called ahead to order & pay for parts, please do so from your vehicle and come in only when parts are ready to pick up – we will call you back.   This will limit time in the store.
  • When picking up parts we will have them at the counter – please pick up the parts and do not lean on counter.  Please do not touch anything other than your order.
  • We will restrict the number of people in the store to two customers at a time.   If you are the third please wait outside.   While inside keep a 2 meter safe distance from others.

For Deliveries:

  1. Our drivers will drop off the parts ordered at a designated part area and leave paperwork with the parts. They are not to interact with any staff at your business and keep a two meter safe distance from your staff.  ( If you prefer they can leave the parts at the door, knock, and wait for you to collect them or leave them just inside the door.)
  • They will only pickup returns at this point if they are brought to the same designated parts area and required paperwork is with the parts  if the parts are warranty items.

I hope everyone can understand these measures as we are trying our best to keep everyone safe and remain open and able to serve you as long as possible. If any one of us end up sick, then we have to shut down.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to Call Scott or Todd at 306-569-9133

Thank You

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